About Nxt Gen Speaks

It can be easy to allow ourselves to get "swept under the rug" sometimes. Somebody says something that is incorrect and we say nothing.
Perhaps it is because of a lack of resources, the lack of the right words to defend our cause. Perhaps it is because we feel that we are alone, that there is no support for us and what we believe. Or perhaps, most often, it is simply easier to keep quiet, thinking that what we have to say would make no difference in the long run. And so we say nothing.
In fact, many people have doing just that for far too long, allowing for things to pass right under their noses and labeling it as tolerance.
It's time to take our country back.

Welcome to Nxt Gen Speaks! An idea cooked up by three young writers, Nxt Gen Speaks is a constitutionally based conservative think tank that was put together for the young conservative like you.
With articles and posts from Julia Sedlack and Leonidus Batt, to posts and videos from Dimitre Cosper, to resources for you and your family, Nxt Gen Speaks is a site that was created with the pride, purpose, and desire of supporting you and the things that so many have fought and died to defend.

The war we are fighting, ladies and gentlemen, is not one against people or parties or bills and legislation. The war we are fighting is one against the false ideology that fuels those things, that bring them to fruition. It is the mindset of people that often is their downfall, and has, in turn, been the downfall of nations.
Thus it is vital that we, as a nation, and especially as young conservatives, fearlessly defend that which we know to be good and true, that we boldly go against the tide, not just to offset what many our age have been taught, as well as that which our parents and grandparents have been taught, but to show them the joys of the entrepreneurial spirit, the satisfaction of success based upon the work that you put in, and that beauty of being able to choose what you believe and live you life according to those beliefs; to have a pursuit of happiness that is infringed upon neither by the government or our fellow citizens: to have the ability to be who you are and choose who you will be, and then work to get there.

It is quite a job to change the mindset of a nation.
Are you ready?