Leonidas Batt

In this nation there are many things we remember from our past. Victories and defeats, justices and injustices, triumphs and tragedies. But perhaps none surpass the Second World War. A time when our nation fought against another nation that killed innocent people by the millions. But what if I told you that we in America have the same blood on our hands that Nazi Germany had during World War Two? We play it off as a political card and as a "woman's right to choose" but it's no better than murder.
Abortion has been an issue in America for a long time, ever since the sexual revolutions of the 60s at least when people began to explore their sexuality in greater detail. Of course the byproduct of this was increased pregnancy in mothers that didn't want their babies. So they began to want abortions and eventually our government caved in by 1973 when abortion we legalized in part because of the actions of Roe VS Wade which gave the right of a Texas woman to have an abortion. Since then, fifty million fetuses have been aborted. Compare this with the number of Jews killed during the Holocaust, estimated at about 5.9 million and the statistics don't even begin to match up. And it even surpasses the low estimate for victims in World War Two by ten million! Are we so blind that we can't see abortion for what it is? It's not a question of politics, civil rights, or even privacy. It's a question of life or death!
Now of course, the argument is raised what if a fetus isn't technically alive in the womb? Here's the thing to consider, when is a person alive? When they first think? When they first breathe? Not true, any of it. Just look at pictures of fetuses, you can see hearts, eyes, and other body parts. And they are functioning, it's scientifically proven. Not to sound overly rude but the only reason that we don't believe that a baby is alive until pregnancy is completed is because of ignorance. Holding on to ideals that have been disproven by science and common logic. It's not a mother's own right over her body because a baby isn't part of your body, it's another entity. That's like saying that I can blast a person in the face with a shotgun if they're holding my hand or stab someone to death because they're hugging me.
Abortion also leads us down a path that we don't want to take. Abortion can lead to the questions of, "If it's inconvenient for me to have a baby then why not remove more inconveniences from my life?" So here's a pop quiz, who else in history thought like this? If you answered Adolf Hitler, congratulations, you just proved you know history! Adolf Hitler started off with abortion and finally moved up to the attitude of, "Let's kill everyone who isn't an Aryan!" And the people believed that he was right. Why? Apathy. The people lost regard for human life and so couldn't care less if people died. That's why we have to turn around now, otherwise we've traded our souls for a false humanity that we believe is good but has turned to striving after the wind. The great poet Dante Alighieri once said, "A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark." The only way that abortion can be stopped is if all join together and fight the good fight. With that I bid you all goodbye until next time!